How To: Authentic Miss Argentina Costume for Halloween – Ordering guide and tutorial.

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It’s my favorite time of yyeeaarr!  (Shouted in my best Oprah voice).  Last year my costume ROCKED.  I seriously loved it so much that I’m so tempted to wear it again.  I don’t know if it’s because it was such a sleeper hit or that it was a labor of love and had to made things from scratch and put a lot of components together.  But regardless, it was fun and with enough time you can have a Miss Argentina Halloween Costume for Halloween this year too.  It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser and win any costume contest.  Below are the costume details and tutorial of how to be Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice for Halloween.

Easier items…


Luckily the fall season means Homecoming time, so I headed over to the juniors department at my local Dillard’s and have no fear – there were plenty of tacky, tart, purply dresses for my pickings.


I went sparkly on these, fun ballroom dancer type, open-toed shoes from Dillard’s.


Got this red one on Amazon.  I used a silvery clip to tie the hair back and super hold hair spray, Aveda Control Spray, to set it.  TIP:  try on and style the wig before your event/Halloween so you don’t get all frazzled the night of as it might take some time to get it right and ensure the clip you bought is strong enough to hold the hair of the wig.


I decided to go authentic and paint my entire body, not do green tights and just paint my face, arms and chest.  The paint was literally was between my toes and in my ears.  I bought this paint Wolfe Face Paint in Sea Green and did my entire body in it even though it is “face” paint.  I think I ordered 2 to be safe.  Solicit a few friends and have at it.  This took about 1.5 hours I think to apply, I saw that other people took 7 hours?!  And the easiest way to apply?  Hands.  We tried doing little makeup triangle sponges, no bueno.  Just go for it and paint away with hands.  And to answer questions about it, it miraculously stayed on all night and only started to come off my hands when I was holding a cold Corona.  Fix – wrap beer/drinks in a napkin and enjoy.  Only took 20 min to come off body in shower and did not stain shower. TIP:  if it rains, take cover!

painting green


I bought these Tinsley Transfers on Amazon.  Buy an extra pair because the night of our party, these were very finicky and we had to toss a pair.  And the instructions were very complicated for some reason.


Handbook for the Recently Deceased on Amazon.


Bought on eBay.  There are plenty of sellers, just order fast because they may run out of inventory.


There are plenty of youtube tutorials detailing how to apply makeup to achieve the best Miss Argentina look.  Get purple shaded eye shadow, black eyeliner, red lipstick, false eyelashes and red nail polish.

Harder,  more time-consuming part of the costume.


I went around and around with how to tackle this with several types of setups but I eventually landed on a technique that stuck.  This took several evenings/maybe about 8-10 hours to complete?  Can’t really remember.  And I didn’t have a sewing machine, just used my basic sewing skills.  Here are the materials:

Adjustable wire from Michaels to make tulip neck part
Red, shiny/sparkly, sheer fabric from Hancock Fabrics
Red, hollow string to feed tulip neck wire through
Thick red ribbon to hide cape seams
Red thread
Thick, red elastic for shoulder straps

How to:


I shaped the wire into a tulip shape, gauging how high and wide I wanted it to be from my shoulders up and out.  I fed the red hollowed string around the wire.  I placed the tulip-shaped wire onto two pieces of the shiny red fabric on the ground and trace cut the fabric around the wire, ensuring the fabric was cut a little larger than the wire.  Then, I sewed the fabric together from the inside out – leaving the bottom part open to feed the wire through – then turned the sewn tulip fabric right side out.  Then I tucked the tulip-shapd wire into the sewn tulip-shaped fabric and played around with it to get correct shape.

making tulip part


I cut the cape part to size for how wide and long I wanted it to be, and sewed the thick ribbon to the edges for a more completed/polished look.  I took the red elastic straps and measured for size and comfort around my shoulders, then sewed around the bottom part of the wired tulip.  I then sewed the cape part to the tulip neck part, bunching it a little for a pleated look.  Wallah!

Have fun and leave comments/questions and/or pictures of you in yours!

completed miss arg
Happy Halloween ~ Erin