Instant therapy? Music.


Ever see those people at a stoplight with their windows down and totally rocking out to a song? Yeah, that’s me.

Every. single. day.

Why not?

I absolutely love music.  I remember first falling in love with it during the summer of ’93 when I discovered MTV.  I watched it all day long. Aerosmith, Stone Temple Pilots, Duran Duran, Nirvana, Soul Asylum, Blind Melon…ahhh too many to name!  Knew all the videos by heart.  I definitely got my love of music from my dad, a forever classic rocker.  I loved checking out and listening to his vinyl collection…timeless.  I actually still have all my CD’s and cassette tapes from when I was younger-do you? I will never get rid of them no matter how advanced we get.

During my commutes home in the mid 2000’s, I used to blare and wail…wait for it, wait for it…Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love of All and Celine Dion’s Power of Love.  HAHAHAHA.  Don’t worry, I think I had my windows closed at the time to spare the ears of nearby commuters, but man-belting out those tunes sitting in bumper to bumper traffic felt GOOD.  I’ve graduated to other tunes, but I say whatever floats your boat, releases energy and clears your head-go for it.  My current favorites are U2’s Ordinary Love and Coldplay’s Magic.  My son requests Best Day of My Life by American Authors which I am always fine with, as I get to hear his sweet toddler voice try to make out and sing the words.

What I encourage each of you to do is find whatever songs make you feel good and turn them up, WAY up, and be that person at the stoplight.  And then turn it up louder.  Who cares about the car next to you looking at you like you are crazy.  What are the odds of seeing them again (unless they are your neighbor) and they probably wish they were shotgun in your car singing back up.

I’ve put together the below list of songs that I have liked over the years.  So go and download them or push play on what you already have and get into it.  It’s Friday!  Connected to the weekend!  A lot of you probably got paid, have exciting things to do, or maybe not do which is sometimes better. Comment with any song recommendations you have-I’m always up for new music.

Breathe Extended Version Mix by Telepopmusik  Breathe is just such a refreshing start to the day.  It clears my head and makes me grateful for another day to enjoy.

Alive by Pearl Jam  I love every song on the Ten album. This is just great for afternoon driving, turned way up of course.

Black by Pearl Jam  This is another favorite from Ten, but I particularly like the 4 minute mark.  Seeing them live and doing this song is on my bucket list.

Alright by Jamiroquai  Turn this baby up as you are driving home from work or heading out for a night on the town.

Sold My Soul by Goldfish  I first heard of this song, and this group, at a destination wedding in South Africa.  Yes, the wedding was as awesome as it sounds.  The song is pretty great too.  And, if you’re digging this style, this group has tons of other albums as well.

How Does It Feel by Avril Lavigne  For those of you chicks feeling like you need to have a Sarah McClaughlin moment, but exhausted her CD’s in the 2000s, check out this song.

Time to Pretend by MGMT  I like to listen to this on the way to a vacation.  Nothing is better than having this playing while landing at LAX.   Just gets me pumped for the good times ahead.  While in actuality I may not do any of the things they mention in the song, I still like the beat.  You will probably remember it from the movie 21.  The book it was based on, Bringing Down The House, was even better.

Love Will Turn You Around by Kenny Rogers  I didn’t think I would like this song, it’s actually a funny joke between my husband and I, and it has now really grown on me!  Beat is kinda hokey, so it makes me laugh.  We play this on our Sonos speakers around our house.  Love it.

Coming Around Again by Carly Simon  This was the first song I ever listened to on a CD.  I thought I was so fancy.  I will never tire of it.

What songs get you going??!!

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