Reads that have really made an impression on me lately…

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I’ve never been much of a sappy novel fan. No romantic, fantasy or dramatic lover here. Books like My Sister’s Keeper are just too emotional for me, so I just tend to steer away from that style. After I read a book, I never want to be saying why did I waste my time on that? I feel like crap! In regards to what I do like, I am always up for a quick-witted, controversy-filled, fast-paced page-turner to fill the very little time I have these days to read. Below are a list of authors and their books, some of them are a series, that have stood out to me recently.

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The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. Wow, she is my absolute new favorite author. If I could write a book (which I want to) I would want my writing to be just like hers. Well, not exactly like hers. I just love her style, her sentences, her descriptions – everything! Major envy going on here. When I first noticed The Husband’s Secret on Amazon, there were a ton of reviews, almost all five stars. But to be honest, the cover art leaned more toward women’s literature that I wasn’t interested in, and the story recap just didn’t grab me. After seeing it pop up over and over again as I scrolled days, maybe weeks later, I finally downloaded it and now I am obsessed with her. I just finished What Alice Forget and just started The Hypnotist’s Love Story. She is one to follow. While for some reason her book recaps didn’t grab my attention, I don’t even hesitate or even read the recaps anymore – I will read anything by her now.

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Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. This book was initially a slow starter for me. I read it right after My Husband’s Secret, so I guess I was just really missing Liane Moriarty’s writing. After I read this for a while, I started becoming more and more wrapped in. It really picked up and I had to know how it ended. The ending is so powerful, I think I shed a tear! An enlightening tear. For a quick overview, a very wealthy, attractive, active young businessman is involved in a pedestrian accident and he becomes a paraplegic. He needs care basically 24/7 and a young woman responds to an ad to help aide him. It’s an unlikely love story and it is very witty and charming and captured my heart at the end. I would love for a movie to be adapted from this book, I would just hope it would follow the storyline precisely (which rarely happens).

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The Body Mover Series by Stephanie Bond. This series is just awesome. I cannot tell you how fast I read the 6.5 books in this series. They are such smooth reads that are packed with funny, quick, crazy turns. The 7th is supposed to be released this summer I think. Overview – this silver spoon chick, Carlotta, from Atlanta ends up having parents who disappeared after being accused of a white-collar crime, and her popular status was severely downgraded. She was left to care for her younger brother, her fiancé dumped her and she now works at Neiman Marcus doing retail. The series just details the funny adventures she goes on, the crappy people she runs into from her former high-society life and the new interesting job she took on to get some extra cash. I’m obsessed!

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Lincoln Lawyer/Mickey Haller Series by Michael Connelly. I think that the goings on in a courtroom are just fascinating. The interactions and dynamics between attorneys, judges, jurors, clients, the other side, reporters – you name it. I’m always intrigued. While all of these books don’t take place solely inside a courtroom, as he swirls in plenty of drama and mystery outside of them, when he does – it is just awesome to learn the tricks and sleuthing that goes on during a trial. I’ve read a lot of other Michael Connelly books, since I used to be big into crime novels, but I find the ones I’m most drawn to center around courtroom themes.


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