Do you do what you say you’re going to do?

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 4.46.53 PMI mean for real – do you really follow through with everything you tell people, friends and family you will do?

A little over two years ago while on a trip to the Super Bowl in Indiana, I was chatting with one of our friends with us about what I was currently listening to music-wise. After we bantered back and forth, he felt that his music library was lacking and I told him I would send him a list of song recommendations to download to boost his playlist.

I never did it.

A year after that, the same friend and his partner joined us for their first Coldplay concert in NYC. Now at a Coldplay show, at least the Mylo tour, a roadie would come out and take a picture from the stage of the entire crowd and post it on the Coldplay website within a day or so. You could basically scan and zoom and see everyone who came to the concert and find yourself in the crowd. Really cool. I told myself I would send the picture to my friends as a memento of the trip.

I never did this either.

Then this friend of mine unexpectedly died.

How often do you think I question why I didn’t do these small, random acts of friendship? A lot. Why didn’t I spend the time to put together a music playlist? Why didn’t I take 30 seconds out of my life to send him a picture of us at the concert? I am still bothered by my lack of doing this. Maybe I was thinking he was just humoring me and my music sense and he would be embarrassed by the songs I sent. Perhaps if I sent him the photo from the concert he would think I was more of a psycho Coldplay fan than I already am. But now that I don’t have the opportunity to do it, I am sad. Mad that I didn’t follow through with what we talked about and shared and what I told myself I would do. I know people would tell me not to beat myself up about it, but I think about it a lot.

Small talk, schmall talk. It’s everywhere.

Well, at least I thought. When we had some friends in town a few years back who were South Africans residing in London at the time, they were telling us how they were fascinated by the fact that Americans strike up random, empty conversations of small talk with people. They just weren’t used to it. They are only familiar with people cutting to the chase with those they know, with clear direction on what they want, need or are going to be doing, and just didn’t do any Have you noticed the weather?! Can you believe the traffic?! with neighbors, cashiers, just people in general. Interesting concept. Part of me realizes that I probably do it, as I can be fairly friendly with randoms I come in contact with each day, but the other part of me is now very tuned in to when small talk comes into play, the conversation needs to end.

Why do we have this senseless talk? Does it mean anything? It just seems to be filler, fluff talk for when we don’t have anything else to share with someone. Try and observe yourself and your interactions with people for a day and see if you catch yourself or others in small talk. It’s pretty interesting.

Shifting gears back to my point – are we not reminded each day that life is precious and our days are numbered? Don’t we need to tell our loves ones and friends and family how we feel because time is of the essence? Haven’t you all maybe promised or said you were going to do something, but just never did it? I think it’s never too late to try because I can tell you from personal experience, it sucks when you don’t have the option to do it anymore.

I am vowing from now on to do what I say I’m going to do. I don’t want to be that person. Who Erin? Oh, she says that stuff ALL the time. She won’t come or do or follow through! Gosh, I do NOT want to be that person, and I’m sorry if some people think that I am, I certainly don’t mean to be.

With that said, here are a few things that I’ve shared with friends recently that I am passionate about that I want to try and find time to do. I guess I feel if I put it in writing I am putting it out there and will be more inclined to get these ideas moving. I know I have more to share, but right now I’ve forgotten….oops!

1.  There is a section of sidewalk in the village in my town that doesn’t have a proper pedestrian walkway. The sidewalk just ends, not allowing proper passage for strollers and wheelchairs to cross the street. I have expressed my thoughts on this with my bootcamp friends and how I intend to look into the city trying to augment this section of sidewalk.

2. We, and tons of others, would love for the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team to move from St. Petersburg to Tampa. I have said numerous times that I would love to poll people that we know to see how many people who currently do not have season tickets to the Rays games would invest in season tickets, a box even, if a baseball stadium was built in downtown Tampa. I would love to see what type of petition or pull I would get from my findings to help push this cause.

So, for my dear friend Charlie who is dancing away in heaven, I am truly sorry for the delay. Below is a list of songs I am currently listening to and the picture of us sitting, anticipating your first and last Coldplay concert. XOXO

Anything on the Rush of Blood to the Head Album – Coldplay
Midnight City Pandora Station
Magic – Coldplay
Midnight – Coldplay
Descansa – Herbal T
I Miss You – Blink 182
Ordinary Love – U2
Story of My Life – One Direction
Be Cool – Phil Kahan

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 10.20.19 PM




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