Why did I start this blog?

IMG_6091Because I want everyone to be happy.

We are exposed to countless irritations throughout each and every day.  I choose to not let them stand in the way of the day I want to lead.

Sure, I encounter people driving ridiculously slow in the fast lane and get cut off like everyone else.  I have forgotten my entire toiletry bag and all my jewelry for a vacation.  I have had skin cancer.  Gotten bad haircuts.  Been overcharged for things. Waited longer than necessary for appointments.  Packages haven’t arrived on time.  I have an ongoing battle with insomnia.  Had favorite articles of clothing ruined by dry cleaners.  Countless flights have been delayed and reservations cancelled.  Spent hours making a meal only for it to turn out tasting like arse.  My toddler can test my patience to the end of the Earth and back.  And it seems like I always choose that gas pump that clicks off every three seconds when I’m trying to fuel up.

Do I let any of these things ruin my day?  Absolutely not.  What’s the point?  It’s not worth it.  I strive to find the positive and funny stories about them all.  Like my husband says, “we’ve only got one shot at this life.”  So,  if the only thing guaranteed in life is death, then I choose to fill my days with the good, weed out the bad and not harp on the small stuff.

Deep, right?  Intrigued?  Then keep on reading.

I used to be one of those people who were amazed, envious and at times annoyed by others that were all “today is a gift!” and always happy and living in the NOW.  Ugh.  Maybe my frustration was much in part to being in my twenties-which has to be the most aggravating and confusing period of time-and was just trying to make it through those days, rubbing some pennies together to survive until the weekend.  What I have learned from many sleepless nights and wasted days over-thinking and over-analyzing pointless scenarios is that fretting, worrying and remaining angry gets you nowhere.  Enjoying each day and filling it with all the things and people you love and enjoy no matter what life throws at you gets you EVERYWHERE.

Now in my thirties, I have gained clarity.  Well, I guess as much clarity a 33 year-old can get.  I don’t know if it came simply as a gift for surviving the previous decade, or since having my son, but I have finally come into my own and am truly happy and comfortable in my skin.  When any of the above scenarios tempt to ruin my day, I do what I need to do to turn it around.  Whether it’s blaring one of my favorite Coldplay songs with my windows down, having a dance party in my kitchen, watching funny YouTube videos, enjoying a nice bottle of wine with my husband or hugging my son a few seconds longer and tighter…I have honed in on what turns my mood around.  Have you?

WITH ALL THAT SAID, the foundation of my blog is based on my desire to share insights, products and services, funny stories and efficient ways of doing things.  I get great personal satisfaction in doing so, and I love when others can benefit and get as excited as I am about things.  I’m not claiming to be an expert, I’m far from perfect and there is no method to my writing madness-I am just being myself.  I am also not naive to the fact that big, painful and life-changing events happen to all of us.  I am trying to navigate this life just like you all, and I do so by identifying lessons and silver linings to tackle everything with positive thinking.  So, standby as I type away churning out blog posts as regularly as I can with the hope at least one person’s day will be turned around.


ERIN – A girl always on the hunt for her next great belly laugh

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